Signing up to Deliveroo

Referral code

Deliveroo’s referral offers are constantly changing, but if you follow the link above, or enter the code CR29985 on the application page then hopefully you’ll receive a bonus. Most common is £50 for completing 20 deliveries in two weeks.

Online Application


  • Right to work in the UK, being self-employed
  • A phone – iPhone (iOS 10 and above) or Android (5 and above)
  • Your own vehicle (bicycle, scooter, or car) – remember scooters and cars will need delivery insurance.
  • Aged 18+

Create your account

Head over to the Deliveroo application page and click Apply Now. First you need to give some basic details to create your account: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, and if you are going to use Bicycle, Scooter, or Car.

Then you have several sections to fill in, in any order and in your own time.

Payments and Emergency Contact info

You don’t need to give a contact (but why not), but you will need a bank account to get paid!

Proof of Right to Work in the UK

They need a photo of your passport – make sure it’s clear and doesn’t have reflections on! Plus information like the county of issue.

Criminal Record Check

This is the longest section, they need you passport or other ID documents, proof of address, 5 years of address history, and where you were born.

Book an onboarding session

Sessions go quick so it’s unlikely there will be one available when you sign up. You’ll get an email when new sessions are out. Get on asap when you see the email, onboarding sessions fill up in minutes not days!

Onboarding sessions

Onboarding sessions are an hour long, you’ll meet someone from Deliveroo and they’ll check your documents (remember to take your documents!), get you set up, and let you order kit or if you already have kit you can show them yours

Sessions are in town centers, often in coffee shops.

They will also show you how to download the app.

Training Videos

There’s nothing too complicated to answer, but if you want an idea of what to expect, some of the videos are available here.

An example of Deliveroo’s training videos


Deliveroo seem to give away free kit a lot of the time. If they are when you sign up then you may as well grab some free stuff. A spare rucksack is always great for a regular courier.

If not, you can use your own thermal rucksack if you have one.

Pay, shifts etc

Deliveroo is paid on a Pay Per Drop system, but there are some zones where you can log in any time (known as free login areas), and others where you have to have a booked shift (booking areas).

You can use the app to book shifts, and see which areas or cities have availability. You can also see which places are free log in areas.

If you are in a booking area then you need to keep our stats up to get on the earlier shift releases, or you will struggle to book a lot of hours.

Deliveroo pay for the distance you travel, so it’s hard to say what exactly you will be paid but you can see all the information on the job invite screen to make a choice on if you take it.

Ready to try out Deliveroo and start making some money? Sign up at the link below: