Stuart referral code

Referral code

We pride ourselves in only having the best up to date information. Currently Stuart isn’t offering any referral rewards in any UK cities. Once they are we’ll be sure to update across the site.

How to sign up for Stuart


  • Right to work in the UK
  • Proof of address
  • A bike / moped / car
  • Food delivery insurance if using a moped/car
  • A phone running Android or iOS
  • 18 or older

The application form

Got to the Stuart site, and pick your city and if you want to use a bike, motorbike, or car.

Remember you’ll need courier insurance if you use a motorbike or car. Fill in all the information.

If Stuart are on boarding then the next thing you’ll get is an email asking you to do a background check. You’ll need your ID (passport, residence permit etc) and proof of address.

Is it best to use a bike, moped, or car?

When you sign up you’ll have to pick which you want to use. It’s possible can change later, but it’s much easier to pick well to start with. Sometimes you won’t be able to change.

Bikes: Using a bike is the simplest option; you don’t need insurance, bikes are cheap to buy and maintain, you can park anywhere. But cycling is very tiring if you work a lot of hours.

Motorbikes / mopeds: The main thing to realise is that you’ll need courier insurance. Your normal insurance won’t cover you and Stuart won’t accept you.

MCE and Zego are two of the best and most popular choices among delivery drivers for insuring their mopeds. 

Cars: Insuring your car can be quite expensive. We think starting off with Zego is a great option, you can always switch over later (you’ll need to tell Stuart but it’s easy).

Zego offer a pay per hour add on to your normal insurance so you don’t have to commit to a big upfront spend before you’ve seen how delivery work is and how much money you can make.

Background Check

You will have to fill in a Background Check before you can get far with your application. After that you will also need to prove your right to work in the UK. For that you will need proof of your address, plus address records for 7 years, and proof of ID (e.g. Passport or ID card – see here for a full list).

Motorcycle and car drivers will also need their CBT or Driving License.

Right to Work Check

After the Background check you’ll have to do a right to work check. Either you can go to a session, if there’s one available, or you can get your documents certified by the Post Office then send over pictures of those copies. That will cost you, £12.75 at the time of writing, but at least you don’t need to wait for a session or be available at a set time.

Training Videos

You will need to watch some videos that briefly explain how Stuart works. Then answer some simple questions about them. It’s nothing too hard and takes about half an hour.



Cyclists need a thermal rucksack, or rucksack that fits a thermal bag inside and is big enough to take 14 inch pizzas. You can get one from Stuart, right at the end of the application process, or if you have one already if you’re already couriering then you can send them a picture (when they ask for it) and they will approve it if it looks okay. They won’t allow bags branded with another company’s logo so just spray it out, use an unbranded bag, or get one of their bags. They often have JUST EAT bags very cheap or free.


Moped/motorcycle riders need either a rucksack (like cyclists above) or a box on the back of their bike, with a thermal bag inside. Again it needs to fit pizzas. Stuart won’t provide boxes but will provide thermals bags to go inside (paid on deposit).

Car drivers

Car drivers just need a thermal bag.

Getting the app and getting online

Once you’ve done the Background Check, Right to work check, watched videos, possibly been to a session with a person, got equipment sent to you / had yours given the okay, then you’ll get an email telling you that you have had your account activated and you can get started. You’ll also get a link to download the app. The app is not the one on the app store, so wait for them to send you out the links. You’ll also get invited to Staffomatic (see more in the pay section).

About Stuart

Stuart are just a delivery platform, so unlike Deliveroo, uberEATS, or JUST EAT, you can deliver all sorts of things for all sorts of different companies.

Stuart do deliver non food things, but they’ve got a big partnership with JUST EAT so a lot of the deliveries are from them. They also work for Ocado, Nespresso, and loads of other companies.

What cities are Stuart in?

Stuart expanded a lot in 2018 and 2019, adding a lot of cities. Currently they are in all the cities below. Click the links to see the zone maps to see if Stuart are near where you want to work:

Making money – how does Stuart’s pay work?

Stuart has a bit of a complicated mix of payments. There’s a London / non London split plus a mix of per drop payments, minimum guarantee, and rewards.

Pay Per Drop

You can log on at any time and work pay per drop. You don’t need to be signed up to work, like you do in some areas with Deliveroo.

You’ll get paid for each delivery that you do, pretty much like Uber Eats, Deliveroo etc.

Non London < 2.5 miles2.5 – 5 miles> 5 miles
Moped / Car£4.50£7.50£5 + 75p per mile

London<1.5 miles1.5 – 2.5 miles> 2.5
Bike£4£4.75£2.70 + £1.50 per mile (max 5 mile)
Moped£4.50£5.25£3 + £1.65 per mile (max 8 mile)
Car£6£7.25£3.90 +£2.45 per mile

Minimum Guarantee (MG)

If you sign up to a slot then Stuart will pay you a guaranteed hourly if you don’t do enough jobs to hit the hourly pay. To sign up to slots you need to use Staffomatic. When you first start you’ll get an email from Staffomatic letting you set up an account when you can book the Stuart slots.

Slots are set for areas, e.g. Canary Wharf, and you need to go work in that area to get your MG.

Getting your Minimum Guarantee

To get MG you do need to meet a few criteria:

  • Return to your area when you’re not on a job
  • Don’t miss more than 1 job per shift
  • Be logged in for 90+% of your shift

Non London: Bikes £7.50, Mopeds/Cars £8

London: Bike £8, Moped £9, Car £14 (might change)

Rewards / bonuses

On top of the per drop or the minimum guarantee Stuart also have rewards.

They have a system called Multiplier, which is similar to Uber’s Boost if you’ve worked on Uber.

Your normal per drop pay is multiplied by whatever multiplier is on at the time. Then the two are added together to get your actual pay for that job. For some reason they don’t show it in your app but it will be included in you pay.

Normal amount per dropMultiplierExtra rewardTotal

Sometimes they have other rewards, for example if the weather is very bad or for new restaurants.

No show rules – don’t lose your rewards

One important thing to remember is that if you miss too many shifts you won’t get your rewards. So make sure you remember to cancel or trade them if you don’t think you can make it. Or just work pay per drop all the time if your city is busy enough.

When are you paid by Stuart

Stuart pay each week, on Tuesday. The time varies a bit so don’t count on the money being in until Wednesday morning.

Stuart pay examples

You’re a cyclist (non London), signed up to work 18:00 – 20:30. You do 2 jobs for £4 each. The multiplier is on 1.3:

Your pay per drop was £8, but your Minimum Guarantee was £7.50 p/h and you did 2.5 hrs of slots so your MG is £18.75 (2.5 hrs * 7.50). You will be topped up to £18.75 and can ignore the £8 from the two jobs.

Fortunately the Multiplier is on top of that, and worth 0.3 * £8, so you get an extra £2.40, and make £21.15 (£8.46 per hour).

You’re a moped (non London), signed up to a slot 11:45 – 13:30. You do 2 £4.50 jobs and one £7.50. The multiplier is 1.2:

Your pay per drop was £16.5, your MG was £14 (1.75 hrs * 8.00) but you made more than the MG amount so it’s not relevant.

The multiplier is 0.2 * £16.5, so you get £3.30 extra, and make £19.80 (£11.31 per hour).

As you can see, you can make good money with Stuart. Don’t be put off by the seemingly low MG amount, you should be making more than that per drop most of the time and your rewards are added on top of the MG as well.