Delivery Insurance

If you’re using a car or motorbike to work on any of the platforms then you need insurance that covers ‘hire and reward’. Normal insurance (social, domestic, and pleasure) won’t cover you. You’ll need to get the delivery insurance before Uber, Deliveroo, Stuart, Just Eat etc will let you start, and without it you would be driving uninsured, which is illegal. There’s two major popular options, Zego and MCE.


Zego offer top up on top of your normal insurance. You keep your existing policy and pay them to add extra coverage allowing you to do delivery work. They have a pay as you go option, and yearly and monthly versions.

The pay as you go option is great for getting started, you don’t need to commit to any expensive policy up front before you’ve decided if you like the work and found out how much you can make in your city.

We’d recommend everyone start off with Zego pay as you go while they try out courier work, then upgrade to a longer fixed Zego policy or monthly/yearly policy with another company once you’ve decided you want to stick with couriering and have time to shop around for the best deal (which may well just be Zego).

Both motorcyclists and car drivers can use Zego but there are some restrictions:

Motorcycle restrictions:
You must be aged 21 to 65
Your motorbike has an engine size 50 – 500c
You need a full or CBT UK/EU driving license
You can’t take passengers

Car restrictions:
You must be aged 21 to 65
You need a full UK or EU driving license
2 claims or fewer in the last 3 years
Vehicle value less than £30,000
You must be vehicle owner or registered keeper

Prices are 80p to £3 per hour depending on your circumstances and vehicle.


MCE is only for motorbike riders, since they are a specialist motorcycle insurer, but they have a specific delivery insurance product. If you’re taking out a longer policy then they have some good rates and they’re very popular among riders. You can find their contact details here to ask for a quote.

Don’t Deliveroo and Stuart have Insurance?

Yes and no. They have insurance to cover you for injury, and insurance for whatever your delivering, but they don’t cover your insurance for your motorbike or car.