Motorola Moto G7 Power Review


Remember when you didn’t have to charge your phone twice per day? Those days are back, and you don’t need to revert to a Nokia 3310!

Your phone is a really important piece of kit when you’re a courier, and constantly worrying about keeping it charged up is a headache I can do without. I’ve been using the G7 Power as a work phone for a while and it’s been fantastic not having to constantly keep it on charge.

Motorola advertise the G7 Power as having a 60hr battery and it really is superb. You can work all day on a single charge.

It’s not all about the battery (though it kinda is!); the G7 is a solid Android phone. It ships with Android 9 Pie so it won’t be obsolete any time soon, has enough power to be quite happy playing games, watching videos, or having multiple apps open at once, and the 12 MP camera is good for the price.

It’s a little bulkier and heaver than most phones as you would expect, weighing in at 200g, but it feels like a perfectly acceptable trade off for me, it’s not annoying when using it.

It has fast charge, and 15 mins will give you about 20%, so if you’re grabbing a coffee or have a friendly restaurant that will let you top up, then you can quickly grab a significant top up.


No NFC – it’s handy to be able to buy a snack, coffee, emergency bike spares, while you’re out and if you forget your wallet then having Google Pay (or Apple Pay etc) on your phone can be a life saver.

Not fully waterproof – Motorola describe it as “water-repellent ” and say it will withstand “spills and light rain”, but you can’t submerge it. It’s only a cheaper phone so it’s not a deal breaker for me, but being fully waterproof would be ideal when working in the rain.

The screen notch means there’s not a lot of room for notifications.


It’s USB 3 , it comes with one cable but a spare USB 3 cable could be a good ideal if you don’t have a few knocking around already.

It comes with a simple clear case included in the box, so you might not need to by a case.

Don’t want to get a second phone, or want to be super sure you’ve got charge for the day? A power bank is another courier staple (Deliveroo even used to give out Anker ones back in the day!).


If you come from a higher end phone to this you’ll notice that the screen isn’t quite as sharp, the case is a bit plasticy, the camera isn’t as crisp etc. Get over it, this is a pretty standard Android phone with outstanding battery life, and it’s a fantastic work phone.

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